Pizza is one of the people all time favorite. So, many people create many types of pizza for us. There’s Hawaiian Pizza, Sicilian Pizza, Chicago Pizza, Bagel Pizza and etc. I haven’t tasted many kinds of Pizza but I know that Pizza is my all time favorite. It makes me crave almost everyday but it’s kind of expensive so I eat a pizza once or twice in a month. First bite, taste like heaven. Soft crust, a lot of pizza sauce, a lot of ham and pineapple anywhere, with a lot lot of cheese, I think I will forget my name. One box of Pizza can make my mouth and tummy satisfy. I remember, when we make a Pizza in our house, then I ate all the whole Pizza it is really satisfying and a reliever of everythings that bothered you. 

2 thoughts on “Pizza

  1. I can relate to what you’ve said. Pizza is a delicious food, it is so good that it makes you crave for more once you tried it. I also remember the first time i ate pizza, the delicious ingredients and topping are so delicious and the cheese completes the perfect taste of the food. 🙂


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